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Ganges Ghat



Varanasi or Kashi is older than traditions. Varanasi presents a unique combination of physical, metaphysical and supernatural elements. It is the Gangas Ghats of Varanasi that complement the concept of divinity. Ghats of Gangas are perhaps the holiest spots of Varanasi.



  Temple of Varanasi


· Shri Kashi Viswanath Mandir

· Sankat Mochan Temple

· Tulsi Manas Temple







Sarnath is home to India’s tallest statue of Lord Buddha at 80 feet, built in an area of 2.5 acres and consisting of 815 stones.

You can see a number of Stupas, excavated ruins of monasteries, the deer park where Buddha gave his first sermon and the Ashoka Pillar with the four-sided lions head .





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